Finding the right dedicated, visionary development partner is a pivotal moment in your project.


Obtaining residential planning approval starts with a clear strategy, innovative solution and robust submission.


You’re here to seek out someone who can not only design a beautiful, functional housing scheme, but has the knowledge, experience and creativity to make it happen, reaslising the potential of your landholding.

Realising planning potential;

Adding value;

Creating quality homes

Our skills and experience enable us to deliver creative solutions to achieve site potential and add value to every project. We work on a variety of projects and bring a fresh insight and different perspective to schemes. Each site is assessed and an appropriate strategy developed to aid a time efficient approval.


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We ensure working with us is the effortless, professional experience you’ve been anticipating, one that delivers excellence at every turn.

How the Planning Process works

There will be a myriad of people involved with your project depending upon the nature and complexity of the development site and it can be difficult for many landowners to know where to start.

From the outset, achieving planning approval is our key goal. Your dedicated team will analyse each site and manage the process from potential to permission.

Before we begin, we get to know you. An in-depth, informal meeting ensures we grasp exactly what you’re looking for and understand the context of your project from all angles. No stone is left unturned as we fully align our expertise with your vision.

Natural communications, we’ll be kept informed at every stage of design or planning development. Our approach is innately collaborative and you’re at the centre of the process.

We work closely with a range of specialists and experts, as needed, offering specific technical support, addressing key planning issues, challenging particular preconceptions and delivering a robust, appropriate and winning planning submission. As part of our service, we would look to introduce and integrate these aspects into the early design stages.

It Shows Passion And Vision

I am impressed with a project that shows such vision and thought. Well thought through to produce an ambitious, but very workable proposal. Its uniqueness stems from its incorporation of some of the best ideas from some of the best sites across the country, not always achieved in just one venue. It shows passion and vision.

Chief Executive – Countryside Foundation

Sits Comfortably Within The Streetscape

Designing an individual home which sits comfortably within the streetscape can be a difficult task — but it’s a balance which this contemporary self-build, with its steep-pitched gable ends and considered palette of render, stone and brick cladding, has successfully achieved.

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine

I Was Blown Away - Very Beautiful

I was blown away I could immediately see it is not only very innovative but also very beautiful, to drive out of my house and see this would be as good a start to my day as I can think of.

A Ellen, Neighbour

Integrity Of Design

By sticking to their guns, and putting a lot of effort into planning, Hunter Architects have achieved a practical contemporary home on an extremely difficult site. Regardless of the various objections, they were confident in the integrity of their design, and were right not to be swayed.

Build It Magazine

An Exceptional Building Project

Wow what an exceptional building project, this looks an amazing and contemperory build, this would complement any village and we would be very lucky to have such a build in our village.

B James, Neighbour


How refreshing to see a proposal that fully embraces contemporary design whilst giving a nod to local materials. I’m pleased to see that the inclination to replicate the building next door has been avoided in pursuit of a more visually exciting proposal. Bravo!

H Mackenzie, Neighbour

Exceptional Quality

…it is considered that the proposal is a building of exceptional quality that is rarely achieved and should represent an exceptional case for consideration.

Planning Officer

Nicely Sits On The Plot

It’s really nice to see something that is completely different to these horrible little boxes that everyone is building. How nicely it sits on the plot with the trees and it looks as if it has always been there.

D Seaby, Neighbour

The Highest Standards In Architecture

It is considered that the proposed dwelling represents a very high quality and innovative design which reflects the highest standards in architecture and would significantly enhance its immediate setting whilst being sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.

Planning Officer

Working with us

There are many opportunities to achieve planning approval even if the initial planning policy context seems less than favourable. We have obtained planning approvals where Architects and Planning Consultants have previously failed to and where there have been earlier Planning Appeals or refusals  by Planning Committee. Reviewing the relevant planning policies including the five-year housing land supply figures, understanding the opportunities, including Paragraph 55 homes, affordable housing, self build homes and plannning gains are part of the innovative approach we take.

Our partners can be as involved as they want with the projects, from a hands-on approach to a bespoke home to leaving us to completely deal with larger speculative residential sites whilst keeping landowners informed of the key aspects.

We get precise about the details. We get fastidious about the proposals. We balance ideas with obligations. We maximise the effect, remain mindful of the policies and add value to your land so you’re left with a valuable planning permission.

Site Typologies

There are many different categories of land and whilst all site may not fit neatly into one category, these useful guides will help to understand the specific issues.

Green Belt & Your Home

The restrictions and opportunities for homes located in the Green Belt.

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A Paragraph 55 Home

A paragraph 55 home relates to a home that is approved under the policy outlined in Paragraph 55 of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework).

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Speculative Residential

Project for planning approval only or for designs when there is no specific end user.

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Get Started

If you have an infill site, backland plot within settlement boundaries or land on the edge of, or in close proximity to, sustainable towns and villages, which have a range of local services, we could help to achieve planning permission for you.

Please contact us and a member of our specialist team will investigate the development potential of your land and how we can assist to achieve planning approval.